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Everyday through August 31st


Chicago Summer of Learning 

Chicago Summer of Learning

Everyday through August 31st
Hours: All Conservatory hours
Location: Check in at the front desk for your materials


This summer, Garfield Park Conservatory, is one of the 100+ organizations around the city participating in Chicago’s Summer of Learning program. By challenging themselves and experiencing things around the city, students can earn digital badges to show off their new skills and knowledge. The Conservatory has 3 different badges to offer students under age 13 this summer. Program ends August 31.


How to earn a Conservatory Sleuth badge:


1. Sign up for the Summer of Learning Program online

2. Plan a trip to the Conservatory with an adult.

3. Check in at the front desk in the Conservatory Lobby. Tell them you are here to earn a badge. Our greeter will give you a paper scavenger hunt to complete during your visit.

4. Bring your completed hunt back to the front desk to collect a claim code.

5. Go home and enter your claim code into your online Summer of Learning account to collect a badge.

6. Come back and do a different badge during your next visit!


Three Conservatory Sleuth badges available:


Conservatory Sleuth badges are available to students under age 13. Complete 3 different scavenger hunts. Sharpen your observation & exploration skills. Earn 3 different badges!


• Edibles: Uncover the origins of sweet treats like vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, and chewing gum, as you explore the Conservatory and its tropical plant collections.

• Culture: Experience plants and nature through the symbolic lens of African American History. This scavenger hunt touches on the themes of survival, perseverance, and freedom.

• Outdoors: Find curious plants and places beyond the glass walls. Learners will take a keener eye outdoors as they explore destinations like our vegetable garden, bee hives, sensory garden, and big backyard.